A bird shouldn’t be caged, you should let it spread it’s wings

I haven’t written in a while because life has been busy with the lead up to exams and all, but it has gotten to the point where I need to vent out my frustration. So here’s a little about whats happened recently…

My nan, from South Africa, arrived a few weeks ago to live permanently in England. Things were going okay, no huge fights like last time, but people are starting to get in each others way. My nan is constantly going on about something, she won’t let us sit in peace while watching tv because she doesn’t know the program, so she tries to start a conversation louder than the tv. She won’t sit still and she’s constantly muttering to herself. She’s awfully racist and is always complaining about something I’ve done. My stress levels are through the roof and I can’t take it anymore.

I was talking to my friend Annie, who goes to St John’s Cadets with me, and she told be about this company called Gapforce where you can either do a gap year or volunteer in a country doing all sorts of things. What really caught my attention was a 2 week medical trip to Ghana where I would help out in a mobile clinic. It sounds like something I could be good at and get a great deal out of, and not just because it would look good on my UCAS, but because I would actually be doing something helpful for people who need it.

When I brought it up to my dad when he first got home, he was really supportive and said it sounded like a great experience and he didn’t seem too fazed by the price. I had looked up flight costs, visa costs and budgeted it all. However, when I brought the subject up round the dinner table, my mum and nan where totally against it. My mum said “You are not going to Ghana. They have Ebola..etc” She said it was too dangerous and that’s when my nan came in with her racist comments saying that they have enough blacks out there that can help them. It made me so mad how she was reacting that I collected all the plates up and left the table.

This is perfect for me, yet the only one who is supportive is my dad. I’m ashamed to say this, but sometimes I think my life would be so much easier and happier if my mum wasn’t around. I do love her, but she’s too overprotective and won’t let me explore life on my own. She won’t let me do anything because of what she’s experienced, but that then means I’m not experiencing anything for myself.

How do I deal with her and my nan? How can I get them to see that Ghana is exactly what I want and need to do? Advice is needed…