What am I doing?

Suffering, it’s everywhere and anywhere. Just open your eyes and truly look. You never know, the person you’re sitting next to could be going through some major trauma and not even realise it. I must admit that I’ve gotten quite good at hiding my true feelings from people. I have pulled myself into a little bubble that no one can get into. Every now and then I let someone into a small room, but no one has ever fully come in. After my trust and friendship has been manipulated and discarded, I don’t want to give it back again. I’m someone who wears their heart on their sleeve, but that’s drastically changing.

Yes, I’m isolating myself, but it’s what I need to do at the moment. I’m done with waiting for my so called “friends” to take an interest in me. I need to focus on working on myself and making a new and improved me.

I’ve recently realised that I’m too self centred, I need to focus my mind onto something else. I don’t really like being the centre of attention, one of the reasons why I stick to the sides unnoticed. I have my volunteering tonight, so I’m going to try and focus on that and my work.

What are your interests? I’d love to know 🙂


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