This is not a slave free world we live in

Not many people know this, but there is currently over 27, 000, 000 million slaves in this world at the moment and that number is drastically rising every day. It is higher than any point in human history. Often these slaves are kidnapped or sold by families under desperate circumstances. As the demand to exploit men, women and children fro manual and sexual labour increases, the average age of victims continues to fall. Every 30 seconds another person is trafficked. Only 1 out of 100,000 European traffickers are convicted and only 1-2% of victims are ever rescued. It seems unreal, does’t it? Even after all that we fought for, people are still being forced into slavery and the rest of the world is oblivion to it.

The A21 Campaign fights for freedom. They are a non-profit, non-government funded organisation and are situated all over the world. There are people currently in Indonesia, from the organisation, staying in the brothels where women are being trafficked at sex slaves. They are secretly recording the men in order to get them arrested and save the girls.

Please don’t let the big numbers frighten you into thinking that the little bit of money that you can give is not nearly enough because it is. Your money goes towards helping the girls by sending people out there, rescuing them and bringing them home to their families. Please spread the word about Human Trafficking and help bring it to a stop.

I came across the A21 Campaign a few years ago and it really hit me hard when I realised the facts about it all. I am a committed wristband wearer, which means that wherever I go, people see it and ask about it so I am able to share with them the shocking facts about the world we live in.

This is something that I care deeply about and I hope that you will too


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