The first day back…

It’s the first day back and everyone is chatting to one another, but not to me. It’s like I haven’t arrived at all, well, my presence is acknowledged by the hushed whispering tones around me. Everyone seems to be catching up and having fun, but I don’t feel like I belong anymore. I don’t fit in. I’ve out grown my friends….or have they out grown me?

I have to find the strength to carry on, it’s not a long time in comparison to my life, but it feels like forever at the moment. I’ve passed the point where I care about the fake smile that I give people. People can’t be bothered to be my friend, so why should I bother anymore? It sounds a little self centred, but I’m done with all this. I’m ready for the new me, the better me where I’m happy to be where I am and enjoying my life again.

What thing would you change about your life to make you happy?


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