What the world’s come to…

The ebola crisis….don’t get me started. It’s still going on and getting worse! But does it appear in the news anymore? No. That’s because it’s “boring” to the western world now and it’s only “interesting” when one person from a western country gets it, which is nothing compared to Africa. It’s unbelievable how the westerners have let it get this bad and the scary thing is that they won’t be doing anything about it until the more “important” people start dying. But just how many people have to die before proper action is taken? Things aren’t going to magically change and this isn’t going to die down (poor choice of words, i know) if anything it’s just going to get so out of hand that soon everyone will be suffering.

The media are turning a blind eye. We need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem and just selling a christmas song for £1 is not enough! And anyway, most of the “celebs” weren’t doing it to help, but to improve their image, which completely defeats the point of the whole thing. And anyway, I don’t see them donating huge chunks of their massive cheques. But then again, why should they? They are “celebrities” after all…. (I do hope that you got the sarcasm…).

Celebrity images are meant to be ones that you can look up to, but none of them have shown themselves. It’s the genuine people with hearts that care for the people that are considered as inferior.

…and that would be a short summary of my view on the ebola crisis.